Plant Oil-Based Polymers for Personal Care Products

Agricultural Product Utilization Commission, ND Department of Agriculture

This proposal’s main goal is to determine the feasibility of using free radical polymerization of monomers developed from oil-seed crops produced in the state of North Dakota for synthesis of plant oil-based polymers and their application in personal care products. This work represents the important technical milestone required to assess the feasibility of commercializing this technology.

Specific aims in this proposal include evaluating a broad range of plant oil-based monomers (including sunflower, canola, linseed, soybean oil) that will show us whether an extended library of novel plant oil-based polymers is possible, and if so, how well-suited they are for further applications for personal care products, in particular, surfactants and rheology modifiers.

Long-term goal of this study is to replace some of the petroleum-based monomers in polymers for personal care applications with monomers based on either soybean, sunflower, canola or linseed oil, at a price point that is comparable, and with the same equipment and processes, and with identical or better performance of the end personal care product.

August,1,2018 – February,1,2020