New polymeric adjuvants for peptide vaccines

New polymeric adjuvants for peptide vaccines, ND Department of Commerce, Agriculture Products Utilization Commission

Project summary

Swine influenza virus [SIV] is an important agricultural pathogen. The development of effective vaccines against SIV has been a great challenge due to the numerous, genetically-diverse viral strains that co-circulate in swine populations. Current vaccines do not specifically target the immune responses which are responsible for broad protection. Hence their ability to protect effectively against multiple viral strains is low.  This project will employ an innovative inter-disciplinary approach to develop a novel next-generation vaccine against SIV. The targeted methods have broad applicability to other economically important viral vaccines for farm animals as well as human influenza.

January,1,2015 – March, 1, 2017, $87,792 (in collaboration with Dr.Ramamoorthy, NDSU and S.Stafslien, NDSU/CNSE)

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