Group presents at Fall ACS meeting in Chicago

Our research group gives three presentations at 2022 Fall American Chemical Society meeting Sustainability in Changing World hold in Chicago, IL on August, 21-25. Tetiana Shevtsova presents poster  entitled “Bioplastic Proteoposite Films from Plant Proteins for Food Packaging Applications”, Bohdan Domnich gives oral presentation on ” Highly biobased latex adhesives from plant-oil derived monomers and isobornyl methacrylate”.

Andriy Voronov gives an invited talk “Plant Oil-Based Latexes : Effect of Unsaturation”. All three presentations are given at Green Polymer Chemistry & Sustainability symposium organized by Division of Polymer Chemistry.

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New Recent Publication

Our work, Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Latexes towards Multisubstrate Bonding Adhesives Applications (authors Kirianchuk, V.,  Domnich, B., Demchuk, Z.,   Bon, I.,  Trotsenko, S.,  Shevchuk, O. Pourhashem, G., Voronov, A.) is published in Molecules (MDPI)Special Issue “Natural Polymers and Biopolymers III”

This Special Issue is prompted by the increasing attention that the field of “green polymers” is receiving. It presents cutting-edge research works focusing on the use of bio-resources for polymeric materials and demonstrates how natural polymers and biopolymers, with their interesting and original properties, are destined to replace and outperform oil-based polymers.

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Undergraduate Students take part in Summer Research Programs Poster Session

USURE student Mariia Usiichuk and NSF REU “Green Chemistry” student Hailey Lynch present their research posters (entitled Plant Oil-Based Latex Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Synthesis and Characterization of Coconut Oil-based Monomer and its Polymers, respectively) at NDSU Summer Research Programs Poster Session.

This annual symposium features the research of more than 60 undergraduate and high school students who are working at NDSU over the summer.

Summer Undergraduate Students join our group

Hailey Lynch, undergraduate student majoring Chemistry at Austin Peay State University will work for 10 weeks as Summer Undergraduate Researcher NSF REU funded Green Chemistry program. More information can be found

Hailey’s research project at NDSU relates to the synthesis and characterization of pressure-sensitive adhesives from plant-oils based latexes. She will be working under the supervision of CPM graduate research assistant Bohdan Domnich.

Mariia Usichuk, B.Sc. from Lviv Polytechnic National University joins our group in June to work for 10 weeks as a summer undergraduate student (USURE program). This program provides an opportunity for Ukrainian students to carry short research projects at NDSU and get research experience in the field of polymer science and polymeric materials. For more information about USURE program, please visit

Mariia’s research project at CPM relates to the synthesis and characterization of coconut oil-based acrylic monomer for free radical polymerization and further investigation of new monomer polymerizability, including in latex synthesis She is working under the supervision of visiting researcher Dr. Vasylyna Kirianchuk and graduate research assistant Tetiana Shevtsova.

Ukrainian NDSU students describe fears, yet have hope for their devastated nation

Our group members, Yehor Polunin  and Bohdan Domnich, participate in the panel discussion “War in Ukraine”,   organized by the NDSU Department of Political Science & Public Policy and moderated by Thomas Ambrosio, Professor of Political Science at NDSU

On Thursday, March 24, Yehor and Bohdan have been part of the presentation at the panel where showed vivid images and videos they had retrieved from social media and friends about the devastation to schools, shopping centers, residential buildings, orphanages, train depots, hospitals, cultural treasures and nuclear plants.

For more information, Ukrainian NDSU students describe fears, yet have hope for their devastated nation

2022 New Recent Publications

Our work, Synergistic Behavior of Plant Proteins and Biobased Latexes in Bioplastic Food Packaging Materials: Experimental and Machine Learning Study (authors Kristen Patnode, Bakhtiyor Rasulev, and Andriy Voronov) is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. This Journal publishes innovative, and impactful research across the broad spectrum of biological sciences, covering basic and molecular sciences through to translational preclinical studies.

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Our work, Effect of Fatty Acid Polyunsaturation on Synthesis and Properties of Emulsion Polymers Based on Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Monomers (authors V. Kirianchuk, Z. Demchuk, Y. Polunin, A. Kohut, S. Voronov, A. Voronov) is published in Molecules. Molecules is the leading international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of chemistry which is published semimonthly online by MDPI.

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