Oksana presents at Center for Protease Research Symposium at NDSU

Oksana participates in Center for Protease Research (CPR) two-days symposia entitled Celebrating of Two Decades of Biomedical Research where presents a poster entitled Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study on Host–Guest” Interactions Between Invertible Micellar Assemblies and Peptides in Aqueous Medium. The symposium will feature presentations from the CPR board and NDSU researchers who have received assistance from CPR, as well as a poster session. For more details on the symposium, https://www.centerforproteaseresearch.org/two-decades-of-research/

Kyle Kingsley defends his PhD Dissertation

Kyle Kingsley successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled Features of Highly Hydrophobic Plant Oil-Based Vinyl Monomers in Cationic and Free Radical Polymerization.

Kyle obtained BS degree in Chemistry with a minor in Coatings and Polymeric Materials from North Dakota State University in the fall of 2013. He worked on PhD at NDSU in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials under the guidance of Dr. Bret J. Chisholm before he joined our group in September 2016.

Congratulations, Kyle, on his successful defense!

Zoriana, Yehor take part in CSMS Translational Summit

Yehor Polunin and Zoriana Demchuk participated at Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS) Translation Summit. Both students both present poster presentations on their research projects related to synthesis and characterization of plant oil-based polymeric materials For more details, https://csms-ndsu.org/event/csms-translational-summit-february-25-26-2019

Zoriana presents at Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2) IAB meeting

Zoriana presents her research project at poster session during Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting at Center of Bioplastics and Biocomposites held in Fargo, ND on November,13-14. The presentation is entitled Monomers, Polymers and Polymeric Materials from Plant Oils. More details on Center, http://www.cb2.iastate.edu/events.html

Kyle, Zoriana attend NDSU – KU Joint Symposium in Japan

Kyle Kingsley, Zoriana Demchuk attend NDSU – KU Joint Symposium on Biotechnology, Nanomaterials and Polymers in Kagoshima, Japan on October, 31- November,2. This event is hold since 2015 on both Universities campuses. Both students present their research at poster session. Kyle’s presentation is entitled Effect of Comonomer Aqueous Solubility on Feasibility of Emulsion Copolymerization with Plant Oil-Based Monomers, Zoriana’s poster is about Plasticization Behavior of Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Monomers and the Effect of Monomer Unsaturation on Properties of Latex Materials. For more details on NDSU – KU upcoming symposium during Fall 2019 in Fargo, https://www.ndsu.edu/chemistry/ndsu-ku-symposium.html

Voronov gives invited presentation at 2018 EastWest Chemical Conference

Andriy Voronov gives an invited presentation entitled Monomers and Polymers from Plant/Vegetable Oils at 2nd EastWest Chemistry Conference in Lviv, Ukraine on October, 10-12, 2018. This conference organizers target  contributions from all branches of chemistry and related areas such as nanoscience and nanotechnology, and bio-nano-materials and hope that the conference will be a very interdisciplinary scientific platform benefitting from all branches of chemistry. Voronov’s presentation is scheduled for the session Organic and Polymer Synthesis, Interfacial Modification, at a special session devoted to 200th Anniversary of the Lviv Polytechnic National University  This conference is jointly organized by Turkish Chemical Society, Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia and Lviv Polytechnic National University. For more details about this conference  http://ewcc2018.org

Voronov chairs the Congress

Voronov serves as a Chair of the 4th World Congress on New Technologies (NewTech’18) in Madrid, Spain (August, 19-21). This event is composed of four co-located conferences, 9th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications, 8th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation, 4th International Conference on Biotechnology and 2nd Bioengineering and International Conference on Energy Research and Technology. Each conference consists of an individual separate topic, but all of them share considerable overlap which is a basic idea for organizing this congress. The main goal is to bring together experts in various disciplines and fields from closely related but still different research areas. Voronov also gives a presentation entitled Versatile Monomer Platform for Plant Oil-Based Latex Coatings at 9th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications.

 For details about this congress visit, https://www.newtechcongress.com