Group presents at Fall ACS meeting in Chicago

Our research group gives three presentations at 2022 Fall American Chemical Society meeting Sustainability in Changing World hold in Chicago, IL on August, 21-25. Tetiana Shevtsova presents poster  entitled “Bioplastic Proteoposite Films from Plant Proteins for Food Packaging Applications”, Bohdan Domnich gives oral presentation on ” Highly biobased latex adhesives from plant-oil derived monomers and isobornyl methacrylate”.

Andriy Voronov gives an invited talk “Plant Oil-Based Latexes : Effect of Unsaturation”. All three presentations are given at Green Polymer Chemistry & Sustainability symposium organized by Division of Polymer Chemistry.

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Undergraduate Students take part in Summer Research Programs Poster Session

USURE student Mariia Usiichuk and NSF REU “Green Chemistry” student Hailey Lynch present their research posters (entitled Plant Oil-Based Latex Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Synthesis and Characterization of Coconut Oil-based Monomer and its Polymers, respectively) at NDSU Summer Research Programs Poster Session.

This annual symposium features the research of more than 60 undergraduate and high school students who are working at NDSU over the summer.

Kristen and Yehor participate in the 6th KU-NDSU Joint Symposium on Biotechnology, Nanomaterials, and Polymers (KNJ2021)

Kristen and Yehor present their research at e 6th KU-NDSU Joint Symposium on Biotechnology, Nanomaterials, and Polymers (KNJ2021) hold online on November 22-23. This event is organized in collaboration between North Dakota State University and Kagoshima University since 2015 .

 Kristen’s research poster is entitled “Synergistic Behavior of Zein, Soy Protein, and Plant Oil-Based Latexes. A Combined Computational and Experimental Approach”, and Yehor’s poster presentation title is is “Biobased Grafted Copolymers for Food Packaging Paper Modification”.

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Voronov gives presentations

Voronov gives presentations entitled Macromolecular Inversion Triggers Interfacial Interactions and Release from Micelles into Model Lipid Membranes (invited) and Features and Properties of Latexes Copolymers from Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Monomers at Polymer in Life Sciences conference hosted by University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA on May, 14 – 15. For some more details,

Another presentation given in June was entitled Monomers, polymers and polymeric materials from plant/vegetable oils at European Polymer Federation (EPF) Congress hold in Heraklion, Greece on June, 9–14 (session Biopolymers, Biocomposites, Bioengineering and Biotechnology). For more details,

Voronov also attended and presented at 42nd Northeast Regional meeting of the American Chemical Society in Saratoga, NY on June, 23-26. His two resentations are entitled Biointerfacial interactions of polymer micelles and release triggered by macromolecular inversion (invited) at Dynamic Biointerfaces symposium, and Effect of plant oil-based acrylic monomers on features and properties of latex copolymers at Polymers and Polymeric materials symposium. For more details,

Zoriana, Oksana received Travel Grants to attend National and International Conference

Zoriana attended 10th Workshop on Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry hold in Karlsruhe, Germany on March, 17-19. She presented a poster on her research entitled The Effect of Unsaturation on Properties of High Biobased Content Plant Oil-Based Latexes and Latex Materials. To travel to Germany, Zoriana received a grant from Non-Profit Association for the Advancement of Research on Renewable Raw Materials, abiosus e.V. organizing the workshop in cooperation with the Agency of Renewable Resources (FNR). For more information,

Zoriana and Oksana will both travel to American Coatings Tech Conference in Cleveland, OH to be held on April, 8-10. Zoriana presents her work on Influence of Plant Oil Unsaturation on Properties of Latexes Synthesized via Miniemulsion Polymerization, Oksana’s poster title is Enzyme – Polymer Conjugates: Application for Cellulose Bioconversion. Both students received American Coatings Association travel grant for their participation in meeting in Cleveland. For more details,

ACS meeting in Orlando

Voronov gives three presentations at 257th ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting and Expo in Orlando, FL on March,31 – April,4. His oral talk Monomers and Polymers from Plant Oils will be given at symposia entitled Advances in Renewable Materials organized by Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials. Two poster presentations, Twin function of methyl-b-cyclodextrin in emulsion polymerization of monomers from plant oils and Influence of plant oil-based monomers structure on properties of latex copolymers thereof will be presented at General Posters session organized by the same Division. For more details on the program and conference,

Group presents at ND EPSCoR Annual Meeting

Our research group presents five posters at ND EPSCoR Annual Meeting in Fargo,ND on March,27th. Yehor Polunin presents his work on Synthesis, Characterization and Miniemulsion Polymerization of High Linoleic Soybean Oil-based Monomer, Zoriana’s poster is entitled The Dependence of Latex Material Properties on the Structure of Plant Oils Used in Monomer Synthesis, Oksana presents about Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Inversion of Mixed Polymer-Peptide Micelles, Kyle’s poster is entitled Dual Role of Methyl-b-cyclodextrin in the Emulsion Polymerization of Highly Hydrophobic Plant Oil-based Monomers with Various Unsaturations and Andriy’ presentation’s title is Monomers and Polymers from Plant/Vegetable Oils. For more details,

Oksana presents at Center for Protease Research Symposium at NDSU

Oksana participates in Center for Protease Research (CPR) two-days symposia entitled Celebrating of Two Decades of Biomedical Research where presents a poster entitled Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study on Host–Guest” Interactions Between Invertible Micellar Assemblies and Peptides in Aqueous Medium. The symposium will feature presentations from the CPR board and NDSU researchers who have received assistance from CPR, as well as a poster session. For more details on the symposium,

Zoriana, Yehor take part in CSMS Translational Summit

Yehor Polunin and Zoriana Demchuk participated at Center for Sustainable Materials Science (CSMS) Translation Summit. Both students both present poster presentations on their research projects related to synthesis and characterization of plant oil-based polymeric materials For more details,