Voronov serves as Section Editor for Online Encyclopedia of Polymers

Andriy serves as Editor for the Sustainability and Recycling sectionin newly developing Taylor and Francis Group “Online Encyclopedia of Polymers, Polymeric Materials, and Polymer Technology(EPPMT). The Sustainability and Recycling section targets contributions addressing following areas: Synthesis of Biobased Monomers/Polymers/Polymeric Materials; Assessing Polymeric Materials Sustainability and Computational and Machine Learning in Development of Biobased Polymers and Polymeric Materials

The Online Encyclopedia of Polymers, Polymeric Materials, and Polymer Technology will offer a broad-based perspective with diverse entries that will include overviews, detailed research information, and cutting-edge topics of polymer science and engineering for students and researchers in the field. More information on EPPMT is available on the site:

https://sites.google.com/view/eppmpt/home Instructions on how to write the entry can be found on the https://www.editorialmanager.com/eppmpt/default.aspx

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