New Recent Publications

Our work, Spatial Distribution and Solvent Polarity-Triggered Release of Polypeptide Incorporated into Invertible Micellar Assemblies, (authors Yanxiong Pan, O, Zholobko, Li, Hui, Jin, Jing, Hu, Jinlian, Bingcan Chen, A. Voronov, Zhongyu Yang) is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. This journal serves the interdisciplinary community of chemists, engineers, physicists and biologists focusing on how newly-discovered materials and interfacial processes can be developed and used for specific applications, such as energy, environmental, and catalysis applications, functional inorganic materials and devices, organic electronic devices functional nanostructured materials (including low-d carbon), applications of polymer, composite, and coating materials, surfaces, interfaces, and applications. For more details,

Our work, Formation of three-dimensional polymer structures through radical and ionic reactions of peroxychitosan (authors Olga Budishevska, Nadiya Popadyuk, Anna Musyanovych, ,Ananiy Kohut, Volodymyr Donchak, Andriy Voronov and StanislavVoronov) is published as a chapter in Studies in Natural Products Chemistry Series (Bioactive Natural Products). This series covers the synthesis or testing and recording of the medicinal properties of natural products, providing cutting edge accounts of the fascinating developments in the isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis and pharmacology of a diverse array of bioactive natural products.For more details,

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