ND Science Olympiad and NDSU Explore

Zoriana (as a Lead) and Yehor (as a co-Facilitator) serve as event Facilitators at Physical Science and Chemistry (Forensics) of North Dakota Science Olympiad on April,27th. Lead Facilitators employ the provided rules to design/organize the event with the assistance of other volunteers. More information on this event, https://www.ndsu.edu/olympiad/

Andriy Voronov served as a judge at 11th NDSU Explore hold on April,11th. This is a campus-wide event to showcase undergraduate students’ research and creativity. Students present their projects in whatever format is appropriate for their work, whether in a poster, oral presentation, video, table display, or other formats. Voronov’s duty at this event was to evaluate and rank seven students poster presentations. For more details, https://www.ndsu.edu/research/undergraduate_research/ndsu_explore/

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