Kyle, Zoriana attend NDSU – KU Joint Symposium in Japan

Kyle Kingsley, Zoriana Demchuk attend NDSU – KU Joint Symposium on Biotechnology, Nanomaterials and Polymers in Kagoshima, Japan on October, 31- November,2. This event is hold since 2015 on both Universities campuses. Both students present their research at poster session. Kyle’s presentation is entitled Effect of Comonomer Aqueous Solubility on Feasibility of Emulsion Copolymerization with Plant Oil-Based Monomers, Zoriana’s poster is about Plasticization Behavior of Plant Oil-Based Acrylic Monomers and the Effect of Monomer Unsaturation on Properties of Latex Materials. For more details on NDSU – KU upcoming symposium during Fall 2019 in Fargo,

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