New International Students Exchange Program at Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department

In accordance with signed Memorandum of Understanding between Lviv Polytechnic National University and NDSU, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in USA (USURE) program for Ukrainian students has been inaugurated during summer 2018. NDSU Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials (CPM) offers research internships for Ukrainian students in their senior year majoring food chemistry, chemical engineering and related fields as well as first- or second-year graduate students in Polymer Science/Physical Chemistry and related fields.

Two applicants, Yehor Polunin and Andrii Tiara have been selected in 2018 and joined the CPM for 10 weeks beginning June, 8. At their home institution, Yehor and Andrii are both studying Chemical Engineering with specialization Organic Products Technology (Yehor) and Chemical Technologies of Food Additives and Cosmetics (Andrii). Yehor received his B.Sc. degree in 2018. Andrii is in his academic year of Master in progress.

At NDSU, Yehor works in Voronov’s research group under supervision of Zoriana Demchuk while Andrii is working under supervision of Alison Rohly in Dr. Webster’s group. On August,3, 2018, Yehor and Andrii participated in NDSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium where they presented posters entitled Synthesis, Characterization and Miniemulsion Polymerization of  High-Linoleic Soybean Oil-Based Monomer (Yehor) and Biobased Epoxy Thermosets from Vanillin –Schiff bases (Andrii).

The USURE now accepts applications from Ukrainian students for summer 2019. For more details in Ukrainian language,

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