New Funding Awarded

New funding of up to $25,000 for the project entitled “Feasibility Analysis of Bio-Based Monomers for Latex Paint and Coating Industry” (Translational Seed Grant) has been awarded by ND EPSCoR. The proposal is led by Ghasideh Pourhashem and Andriy Voronov (both Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department, NDSU). This work targets the feasibility of producing a sustainable biobased (plant oil-based) monomer that can directly replace higher portions of petroleum-based counterparts in polymers synthesis for coatings industry. This work begins during summer 2018.

Another funding of up to $30,000 is awarded for the research entitled Plant Oil-Based Polymers for Personal Care Products. This proposal’s main goal is to determine the feasibility of using free radical polymerization of monomers developed from oil-seed crops produced in the state of North Dakota for synthesis of plant oil-based polymers and their application in personal care products. This work represents the important technical milestone required to assess the feasibility of commercializing this technology. The work begins on October,1,2018.

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