Our group presents five poster presentations at ISMR in Fargo

Five poster presentations will be presented by members of our group at 3rd ISMR in Fargo. Three posters will be presented 20180717_180607.jpgby graduate students, Kyle presents on Effect of Comonomer Aqueous Solubility on Feasibility of Emulsion Copolymerization with Plant Oil-Based Monomers, Zoriana’s poster is entitled Plant Oil-Based Latexes with High Biobased Content Synthesized in Miniemulsion Polymerization and Oksana’s topic for poster is Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study on “Host–Guest” Interactions Between Invertible Micellar Assemblies and Peptides in Aqueous Medium.

Two posters will be presented by visiting scholars, Vasylyna on (Mini)emulsion Copolymerization of Plant Oil-Based Monomers with Methyl Methacrylate and Vitalii on  FTIR Analysis of Osteosarcoma Cells Treated with Invertible Micellar Polymer Nanoassemblies. 

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