Two Visiting Scientists from Ukraine Work in Our Group

DSC_5725Vasylyna Kirianchuk, graduate student from Department of Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University will work for four months in Voronov’s group at Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department. This is Vasylyna’s third visit of NDSU, while she is working on her thesis in Ukrainian institution. This time Vasylyna’s goal is to investigate feasibility of using copolymerization of plant oil-based monomers with various counterparts in order to synthesize biobased polymers for personal care applications, in particular, rheology modifiers.

Dr. Vitalii Serdiuk from Department of DSC_5675Organic Chemistry at Lviv Polytechnic National University returns to Voronov’s group for four months to continue the work related to studying interactions between invertible micellar assemblies and osteosarcoma cells. This time he will focus on studying the mechanical response of cancerous cells on the polymer-mediated treatment with curcumin. In 2016 Vitalii worked in Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, where he demonstrated feasibility of synthesized in our group amphiphilic invertible polymers and their micellar assemblies in development of polymeric delivery carriers for poorly water soluble drugs.

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