Our Group Attends Fiber Society Fall Meeting 2017 in Athens, GA

Graduate students Oksana Zholobko and Zoriana Demchuk present their research at The Fiber Society 2017 Fall Meeting and 2nd International Symposium on Materials from Renewables (ISMR) to be held at University of Georgia on November, 8-10. Oksana’s oral presentation features the results on Enhancing Delivery and Immune Response of Peptide Vaccine by Polymer-Peptide Mixed Micellar Assemblies. She also presents a poster entitled Polymeric Cellulosomes for Cellulose Bioconversion. Zoriana’s poster presentation title is Plant oil-based Acrylic Monomer for Free Radical Polymerization and Their Feasibility for Latex Synthesis. At the ISMR’18, Voronov gives an invited presentation entitled Emulsion Polymerization of Plant Oil-Derived Vinyl Monomers. For more details, https://www.thefibersociety.org/

Organized annually, the ISMR confISMRerences target one of the major current trends in making new advanced materials for global markets—sustainable materials, made with and/or from natural and renewable material ingredients. The ISMR organizers at UGA and NDSU consider this event as an important platform to discuss bio-based materials, a growing area of development as researchers and industries seek alternatives to petroleum-based products.

For more details on 3rd ISMR to be held in Fargo, ND on NDSU campus in July,2018, see https://www.ndsu.edu/conferences/ismr/

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