Voronov attends DAAD Research Ambassador Workshop in NYC

DAAD Research Ambassadors are scholars and scientists in North America who have conducted advanced long-term research projects in Germany and are interested in promoting research in Germany at their home universities and among their peers and students. Voronov was nominated and became DAAD Research Ambassador for an academic year 2017/18.

The DAAD Research Ambassadors Workshop 2017 takes place in New York City from August 18 – 20. About twenty scientists from USA and Canada participate in the three-day training sessions. The objective of the workshop is to ensure the knowledge and skills needed for participants to effectively promote study and research in Germany on their campuses during the academic year.

The workshop attendees hear information about the German higher education and research system, as well as the wide range of DAAD funding opportunities, and, also, meet new people. All of the workshop participants had carried out their research projects in Germany in past.

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, German Academic Exchange Service) is the world’s largest funding organization for the international exchange of students and researchers. In 2016, the DAAD funded more than 131.000 German and international scholars worldwide.

Image result for daad in nyc meeting in august 2017

For more details on DAAD, https://www.daad.de/en/ and DAAD Research Ambassadors https://www.daad.org/en/about-us/network/research-ambassadors/.

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