Zoriana, Oksana, Kyle present at ACS Spring Meeting

Kyle Kingsley, Zoriana Demchuk, and Oksana Zholobko present their research at various symposia during 253rd American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco, CA on April, 2-6. There will be 2 oral and 4 poster presentations by members of our group at this year ACS Spring meeting. Kyle’s oral presentation is entitled Emulsion copolymerization kinetics of plant oil-based monomers. He presents at symposium New Horizons in Sustainable Materials organized by Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials. At the same symposium, Zoriana talks about her research on Plant oil-Based Acrylic Monomers for Free Radical Polymerization. All posters brought by our group members to San Francisco are presented at joint POLY-PMSE session of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) and Polymer Chemistry Division (POLY). Kyle’s poster is entitled Effect of plant oil unsaturation on emulsion copolymerization with vinyl monomers, Zoriana presents on Synthesis of latexes from Plant oil-based acrylic monomers, titles of Oksana’s two posters are Mixed Micellar Assembles as Polymer Adjuvants for Peptide Administration and 1H NMR Study on Polymer-Peptide Mixed Micelles for Adjuvant Application. For more details, https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/meetings/spring-2017.html

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